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Curing vaginismus – years later

February 6, 2017

Once vaginismus is cured, women will often ask us how long they will need to practice with dilators in order to keep their vagina ‘open’ for penetration. The answer is quite simple: unless compromised (i.e. menopause, cancer treatment), the young vagina does not need ongoing training.  To say it differently, women who never had vaginismus…

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Coping with vaginismus during my 17 years of unconsummated marriage

January 24, 2017

Life with vaginismus is not pretty: the suffering woman feels broken, ashamed, a disappointment to her partner, and altogether ‘not a real woman.’ Speaking up about the condition is typically not done because of its intimate nature and because of the perception that ‘something must be wrong with me… I am the only one… Everyone…

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The Christmas Box – Ode to Treating Vaginismus

December 25, 2016

It is December 2016 and we are receiving cards and emails from women whom we cured of vaginismus in the past.  We would like to share them with you.    Some are from recent ‘graduates’ who just recently completed their vaginismus treatment, others from women treated many years ago and now have a family of…

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Celebrating our ONE YEAR anniversary of being healed from vaginismus

November 8, 2016

Hi Doctors Ross, Ditza, and Lauren! Former vaginismus patient K.L. here. Just wanting to check in with you all and send a happy report from me and my husband as we celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary of being healed from vaginismus! It was this day last year during our treatment at WTC that we experienced…

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Vaginismus treatment led to a perfect gynecologic exam

October 21, 2016

An email received today from a patient who completed our vaginismus treatment several months ago and just went to her gynecologist for a pelvic exam: “SO EASY!!! It was NO BIG DEAL! At all!! After he did the pap he inserted one finger to do his exam, and then two just to say I could…

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Vaginismus treatment freed me from the prison I was living in all these years…

September 22, 2016

Dr. Ditza, Dr. Ross, Dr. Lauren, Vaginismus had been part of my identity as long as I can remember, from the time I was 10 and heard about tampons for the first time to my horror. Vaginismus was the most hated, hidden part of my identity that I was silently but constantly aware of. Not…

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Curing my vaginismus

July 12, 2012

Take a few minutes to watch Molly’s video, Curing my vaginismus. It is a powerful testimonial from a brave, young lady that includes important messages such as My friends would ask me if I’ve done it yet (no, I could not)… There is a stigma about this condition, which does not allow for discussing options……

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