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Are you searching for vaginismus treatment and cure? Do you experience pain with sexual intercourse? Are you unable to use tampons or to have a gynecologic examination? Did you undergo surgery or went through menopause and are now experiencing pain with intercourse? Do you want to start a family but can’t have intercourse? Have you tried different interventions that did not work for you? Your doctor cannot help you either?

As the oldest, most established full-time vaginismus clinic in the world, we are here to answer your questions and to guide you toward a cure.

Below are links to in-depth information about us, the condition, our treatment options, insurance reimbursement, and other resources that detail all our services and expertise.

Why Us

Because we have been in the forefront of addressing vaginismus and dyspareunia (painful sex) since 1996, including pioneering the DiRoss Methodology, a successful treatment intervention with proven outcome.

About Our Team

The founders - Drs. Katz and Tabisel - each an established clinician for many years, teamed up in 1996 with a goal of addressing women’s physical and emotional needs in a coordinated, wholistic manner, and with emphasis on female genital, emotional, and sexual health throughout her life cycles. The practice has grown much since and our expertise are known and valued worldwide.

Ditza Katz,

Ross Lynn Tabisel,

About Vaginisumus

Vaginismus is a vagina in panic… It is the instantaneous, involuntary (psychosomatic) tightening of the pelvic floor muscles in anticipation of vaginal penetration. Although vaginismus causes a variety of physical and emotional symptoms that every woman will experience in her own way, pain is the main feature and the one shared by all sufferers regardless of the severity of their condition.

Vaginismus Statistics

The prevalence of vaginismus is hard to come by because most sufferers will be reluctant to speak about it. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that vaginismus is quite common and will continue to be so as it affects women of all ages, family status, levels of education, cultures and religions.

Types of vaginismus

  • Primary vaginismus: when the woman was never able to have vaginal penetrations, or has always struggled with them (pain);
  • Secondary vaginismus: when the woman lost the ability to have vaginal penetrations, i.e. after surgery, after cancer treatment, in menopause, etc.

Diagnosis and causes of vaginismus:

The most common three causes are fear of pain, fear of the unknown, and religious inhibitions. Note: sexual abuse is not at all a lead cause for this condition! As to diagnosis, most women self-diagnose while others seek professional affirmation. Learn how to tell if you have vaginismus.

Coping with vaginismus:

The suffering women are typically embarrassed to speak up about the problem and instead, live in silence with the pain while believing that they are the ‘only one.’ Coping also includes resigning to living with feeling inadequate, or choosing to end relationships, accepting not being able to conceive naturally, and submitting to family pressure such as ‘when will you start a family?” or “When will you give us a grandchild” that further deepen the feeling of being trapped.

Treatment Options We Offer:

Our vaginismus program is individually tailored to meet the needs of women who cannot, or would not self-cure. It is suitable for singles women as well as partnered/married women. In designing the treatment, we also take into consideration time constraints, family obligations, and geographical logistics. Continuity is essential to the success of the program, and time gaps are discouraged unless otherwise instructed by us.

Whichever program you opt for, the end result is the same: overcoming the condition by owning all vaginal penetrations without pain/distress:

  • A weekly program, with an average of 7-10 needed sessions over consecutive weeks, or
  • A concentrated 2-week program if you live too far to travel to us on a weekly basis. This program takes place over 10 consecutive business days, but can also be extended to 3 weeks if you would plan to be in the area for that long.

Curing Vaginismus:

Empowerment is the outcome of vaginismus cure. It is the result of integrating the questions with the explanations, the fears with penetration practices, the emotional anguish with conquering the condition. Empowerment is reversing the devastation of vaginismus; it is leaving the prison of shame, inadequacy, and pain, and beginning a new life full of hope and promise.

Empowerment begins with understanding that vaginismus is a medical condition, NOT a failure, and then continuing through seeking a solution and undergoing treatment until a complete recovery is reached.

Empowerment grows in stages and builds on its own, gaining momentum from one day to the next. It is the engine that strengthens the spirit during vaginismus treatment.

A Private Pain - our support group on Facebook:

In our continual effort to help women with vaginismus, we launched a by-invitation-only group on Facebook where you can not only chat with others who suffer from this condition, but also meet and chat with a growing number of our former patients who will gladly answer your questions as well as share their experiences with ‘before, during, after’ vaginismus. This group, with over 800 members, is a great platform for e-meeting women from all walks of life, all religions and cultures, from around the globe.


We keep an active vaginismus Blog with many posts written by us and by our patients. You can scroll down and read them, or you can use the Search icon on our website to enter a term you are looking for and the information will come up.

Vaginismus on our YouTube channel:

Video testimonials by real patients who wanted to share their experience, radio talk show clips, Discovery Channel episode about vaginismus, and more.


Parting Curtains Book

A practical, reader-friendly guide, with up-to-date information and a good dose of self-respect that will help every woman age 25 and older navigate her sexual journey. Whether you use this book as a reference, an educational tool, or a preventive manual, our aim is that it will answer your questions in a way that embraces female sexuality without medicalizing or sensationalizing it.


This book, which includes extensive explanations, real - life stories of patients and partners, and treatment options, should be of great value to sufferers, partners, family members, healthcare professionals and spiritual leaders who will now be able to better understand the nature and management of these conditions.

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